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My name is Charlie Fitzsimmons and I lead the Learning, Cognition, and Development (LCD) lab in the Department of Psychology at the University of North Florida. Here, you can find out more about my research, teaching, and other activities. Please reach out if you have any questions! 

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Research in the LCD lab examines the way children and adults learn, think,  and solve problems across the lifespan. Much of the research focuses on the ways people think about numbers and solve math problems.  

Recently, work in the lab has focused on the way people self-direct their own learning, whether they know the things they don't know, and whether their awareness of their own knowledge and understanding can be improved. 

We also study people's attitudes and feelings about numbers and math, and how these feelings relate to people's learning and ability to solve different types of numbers. 

Finally, research in the LCD lab also examines the ways that people's understanding of numbers and math can be improved through training or by changing features of problems. 

If you're interested in learning more about research conducted in the lab, please check out the Research page. 

If you're interested in joining the lab, please email me

I was recently interviewed and featured in the UNF Spinnaker online magazine

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