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Learning Cognition & Development Lab Members

Below, you can learn more about members of the LCD lab. If you're interested in joining the lab as an undergraduate or graduate student, please reach out to me via email. 

I do not currently have plans to accept graduate students in the 2024-2025 year. If you are especially interested in applying, I encourage you to reach out to me directly. 

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Charles Fitzsimmons, PhD

Dr. Charlie Fitzsimmons received a B.S. in Psychology from the University of North Florida and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Kent State University. Dr. Fitzsimmons is a cognitive-developmental psychologist who studies the way people learn, think, and solve problems across the lifespan. Much of his work focuses on how people (mis)understand numbers, their self-regulated learning and awareness of their own knowledge, and the individual differences related to thoughts and feelings about numbers and math. He also studies the way people think about and understand numbers outside of educational contexts, such as when they see health statistics, whether errors can be reduced with visual displays, and how knowledge can be gained through training. Dr. Fitzsimmons is looking forward to expanding his work to study the neural correlates of people’s numerical reasoning.

You can find his most up-to-date CV here. In his spare time, Charlie enjoys spending time with his wife, Chelsea, watching live music, reading fiction books, and spending time with family, friends, and his two dogs. He is originally from southeast Florida and is happy to be back in Jacksonville so that he can spend more time on or near the ocean.

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Current Graduate and Undergraduate Lab Members

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